Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SO I clearly know this is a repeat post.  
it was actually posted under a page that i've now deleted. 
i have stumbled across it again today.
how often do we as mothers, resemble the memory and attention span of our tinys 
when we try to recall sweet grace-filled lessons
that we thought we'd already surrendered, tackled or learned.

well; that's me. i quickly forget. and must be reminded. 
PSALM 55:17 says

in a quiet moment one morning. these words flowed onto the page of my journal. 
a sweet reminder from the Spirit that my job is to pour out.

not only are we to be in constant awareness of teaching guiding & shaping tinys; we are to be in constant prayer. its not this moment before the noise of my house takes over that becomes my only moment with the Lord.  i must repeat it all day long. i must cry out for his presence in my life. 

the repeat thing. um yeah that's something as a mother im good at. ha
i say the same 10 things every day

So. i am choosing to be intentional. 
as school begins and new routines establish...
to take breathers. 
take them early in the morning alone before anyone is up!

pour in, so i can pour out. 
send them off full of life and love and confidence. 
be a soft landing spot. 

ignore the tasks that seem to multiply behind my back.
give my full attention. 

offer grace.

and when all else fails sing "you are my sunshine" in an opera voice. 
i promise you, you will laugh at yourself. 
stand tall. clear your throat. belt it out

protect what's tiny.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Spring

a long lost hello...since last august..yikes!

So, CampTiny has grown by one member since the last post : so forgive the absence.
Tiny#4 was born in October! We have officially adjusted and continue on the wild-crazy-messy-amazing daily journey from sun-up to sun-down.

I will post a few things this week in preparation for Spring Break & Easter!
Here's one ::

click here to download

happy tiny camping!