so its taken us a while to get in the swing of responsibilities & chores. 
be it age or chaos of life with four tinys...or mommy's inconsistency(smile)
-i'm learning too!

this, is for this season.....
inevitably every 6months my tinys each enter a new stage
and the plan that was in place requires revising!!

so this isn't a one-and-done kinda thing. 
i mean. .. parenting or much of anything is like that. 

you may find that some of it works for your tinys. 
but every tiny is different in their currency on what works to help create responsibilities and good helper habits. 

we started these this spring
'poker chips' are our tokens
each tiny has a mason jar they keep theirs in...and everybody has a different color. 

our family governing principal is Colossians 3. 
to download & print click HERE
here's what it looks like

here's what i ask. 

download it. share it. 
like our facebook page. pin it on pinterest. share camptiny
use it!!!

may it bring peace to the crazy hard job of parenting. 
this mommy of 4 tinys isn't organized or structured.
those are things i have to work REALLY REALLY hard for. 
if it weren't for Jesus & tools to help me succeed at encouraging tiny hearts i'd be in a straight jacket!! 

ps : i'd love your feedback if you start using this and realize it can be edited!!!
from one mommy to another; its trail and error! we're all blazing the same trail of parenting. 
cheers to not being alone on the journey! 

much love & Blessings! 
camptiny mommy.