tiny mommy behind camp tiny

so i have had several inquiries into who is 'the tiny's mommy'. so i thought i would give you a glimpse into my crazy-wonderful-blessed-chaotic life full of tinys !!

and a little about me. 
some of you i know, most of you i don't. so first i need to say thanks!!
thanks for sharing camp tiny. thanks for participating. but mostly thanks for having the desire, as i do, to share jesus with my tinys.  to engage their hearts and do our best to present the gospel to these little hearts. its been a blessing to me to know that this passion is shared!! thank goodness its a journey i don't have to be on alone. thank.you.jesus.

this is me : mom to 3 tinys, currently pregnant with #4, due late october 2011!!!

to say that tinys rocked my world would be an understatement. i had always had a desire to have children. just had no idea that the journey of motherhood would take me to such a deep place of surrender. i mean, its been amazing. i have never experienced so many emotions at once. from unreal joy and richness to despair and back to joy. hello, emotional roller-coaster, i am mommy; nice to meet you.

i gave my life to christ as a young child, which was a sweet blessing. but if you share that, then you know that not until you leave your family, maybe even enter marriage and parenthood are you faced with how much of that faith walk you've 'owned'. i am convinced that the transparency and revelation that parenthood has allowed my heart just further shows my deep need for jesus.  so to make a long long story short. 

husband and i have a desire to raise our tinys with a full understanding of who jesus is, how deeply they are loved and not loose ourselves in the midst of the chaos.
and chaos it is :: i mean, our 3 tinys were born in a span of 3 1/2 years. #4 will complete our biggest age gap . . so we just exist in a certain amount of chaos. i know no different.

so one question for me was, how do i honor the gifts God has given me, love on my tinys, nurture their hearts and not totally loose myself in the mix. ha. lets just say its a constant work in progress and reevaluation!! 

so back to the long story. 
i started moxxi, a graphic art business. which eventually has given way to camp tiny. 
moxxi is my stabilizer :: well besides jesus.

its my creative outlet. its that part of me that i am bound and determined has to be nurtured. however i am constantly learning the balance of self & wife & mothering.

its my spelling for the word moxie : 

the definition of MOXIE : is
the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
aggressive energy, initiative.
skill, know-how & spunk.

i am not pretending to embody any or all of these...i do however love to create which takes some initiative. i know enough about life thus far that just about everything; especially raising tinys takes some spirit and courage...and as far as spunk goes, pretty sure i have that one covered. the intensity and emotion i tend to carry into most situations allows me the motivation to keep going and grace to fail. 

so while i am blessed to be a wife to a jesus-lovin man, privileged to be a mommy to 3 tinys; +1 on the way, i am thankful for this creative outlet and passion of expression that graphics and art has given me.

its been a rich place of God outpouring his love upon my wrecked soul.  its a sweet spot of true worship, honoring His gifts and cultivating the passion to create as i navigate life in this stage as a full time mommy raising our tinys.

its never perfect. in fact, i fail quite often. 
which makes me that much more thankful for jesus to be my soft place to land. 

i have two other blogs besides camp tiny :: one for family, one for moxxi.

you can check out our family site HERE
you can check out moxxi site HERE

thanks again. i am humbled. i am grateful. and thanks to jesus; i am a work in progress. 
much love from 'the tiny's mommy'